Very young company founded by very respected people in the industry in 2004

    ( Andy Bechtolsheim co-founded Sun Microsystems
    David Cheriton co-founded Granite Systems and Bechtolsheim developed Gigabit Ethernet)

    Unlike most companies, Arista supplies network equipment to everyone.

    This company understands well what client it works for. It created the best solution for internet providers and successfully conquers this market.

    RBH has official relations with this promising supplier and ready to supply any equipment you need.

    New or used?

    Essentially, this is an Intel machine with a set of nessesary features. Because Arista is a relatively young company, the market of refurbished equipment is still not yet completely developed. However, this rquipment can be used for a long time, and has almost no unique components. This means that all the nessesary components are present on a market, and expluatantion of refurbished Arista products causes no problems.