Despite the fact that the company’s products and prime sales are storage systems, the NetApp can be safely attributed to software developers. The company was build by the work of the brilliant programmers from India. Even today traditional development is kept in India .
    in terms of hardware, NetApp FAS and AFF it’s just Intel based system ( running customized DSDUNIX colled Data ONTAP ) and various disk shelves assembled in the same rack.

    SolidFire are normal Intel servers ( running customized Linux called “NetApp Element Software” before SolidFire Element OS) pluss SSD

    E-Series known as LSI Engenio before NetApp acquisition. As any software company NetApp cannot adequately evaluate and supply hardware components , both to build up the configuration and to support and repair.

    Our company RedBirg Hardware is absolutely complementary to any user of the NetApp technology and allows us to eliminate shortcomings.

    We are ready to supply all major hardware components for a small fraction of the price.

    New or used?

    Licensed software makes NetApp inconvenient for refurbished market, leading to fast price depreciation and therefor availability of cheap pre-owned spare parts. Futhermore, the NetApp’s complicated licensing policies also lead to value decrese of company’s products.