Sun Microsystems  sins  2010 is  Oracle. 
One of the greatest companies (Stanford University Networks) was hostilely absorbed by Oracle and almost ceased to exist.

    We are proud to have had the pleasure of communicating with Scott McNealy in person.

    We have a comprehensive expertise in systems produced earlier and modern
    including type libraries  StorageTek

    We are ready to help you with the maintenance of existing systems as well as the supply of additional equipment.

    These machines are exceptionally reliable and their replacement is often difficult and economically meaningless – with us you can use this technique for a long time.

    New or used?

    Very akward and convoluted support system of Oracle pushes many clients to the refurbished market of SUN products.

    Many client’s essentials are simply unavailable to buy new: for example, Oracle no longer sells extra LTO8 films for their StorageTek.

    Therefor, in practise clients often have no choise but to buy refurbished.