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Welcome to Redbird Hardware.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch Fiber and GPON solutions. As a trusted reseller of DZS, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment and services tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern telecommunications infrastructure.

With our commitment to excellence, innovative products, and unparalleled customer support, we aim to empower businesses and service providers with the cutting-edge technology they need to deliver reliable and high-speed connectivity to their customers..

Explore our extensive inventory and discover how our solutions can transform your network performance and enhance your operational efficiency.
Of course, we take our representation seriously and openly and transparently discuss the reasons for our choice. We are an American company and aim to represent American firms. It's not just about financial gains for Americans compared to the Chinese and others; it's primarily about the informational and legal security of infrastructure products.
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American Manufacturer

The company researches, develops and manufactures products exclusively in the United States

Optical Focus

Moreover, the company specializes exclusively in optical infrastructure

Technology Leader

The company currently offers the most advanced technologies on the market

Company Mission
The Redbird Hardware mission is to empower businesses and communities with seamless connectivity through cutting-edge Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions. We are committed to delivering high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective GPON infrastructure to enable faster data transmission, enhanced network performance, and unparalleled reliability. Through our unwavering dedication to innovation, exceptional customer service, and strategic partnerships, we strive to revolutionize communication networks, fostering digital transformation and enriching lives worldwide. Our mission is to be the trusted provider of GPON solutions, driving sustainable growth and creating lasting value for our clients, employees, and stakeholders.
What Sets Us Apart (differentiation)
Above all, as an American company, we are proud to represent and embody the wonderful spirit and culture of American entrepreneurship that is preserved in small and medium-sized businesses like ours.

In addition to technical and financial expertise, we are proud to offer clients the knowledge and services to maintain value.

Information infrastructure is not a static monolith; it lives and develops to meet emerging needs that are often unpredictable.

Thus, some important elements may become obsolete, and we have experience not only in finding new relevancies for your assets, but also in selling them to the vast American market.
In other words, we make the preservation of investments much more tangible and applicable. Perhaps the most challenging aspect is our attention to detail. We control all stages of implementation ourselves to avoid the all-too-common scenario of "an uninformed clerk making a mistake." Within one country and legal framework, such errors can often be quickly rectified. However, in international projects, which are our specialty, there is no room for mistakes.

Value recovery service
We strive to restore the term "investment protection" to its original, meaningful sense, which has been degraded by industry demagogues. The fact that equipment previously used no longer meets the needs of a project doesn't mean that such equipment is worthless or unwanted.
Our company possesses all the necessary expertise to conduct a comprehensive RFB (Refurbishment) process, ranging from verifying legality to testing, restoring missing elements, and ensuring proper packaging.
We are an active member of the association of American vendors and have the ability to quickly appraise and sell your surplus equipment to interested buyers.
This enables our clients to not be dependent on false narratives and spurious significances such as the idea of sourcing everything from a single supplier—instead, simply utilize the best of what is available.
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